About Us

ArloriaNET was originally formed in 2007 when its founder, Sheepeep, created an IRC network as a technical support method for ConvoPad, an image-based messaging tool. Both proved popular, and outgrew their original intent. Nowadays, ArloriaNET is a growing community with regular, dedicated members.


There are currently four servers running ArloriaNET, each run by a different IRC operator. All servers on the network support SSL connections on port 6697, as well as regular connections on port 6667.

Sinclair Server


sinclair.irc.arloria.net     Port 6667     SSL Port 6697 / 8080

Is it running on a ZX Spectrum? We'll leave that for you to decide...

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Siden Server


siden.irc.arloria.net     Port 6667     SSL Port 6697 / 8080

Siden started its life as Sammet, but has since been upgraded to a new machine. When something happens to it, blame applet (or Smek).

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Aurora Server


aurora.irc.arloria.net     Port 6667 / 8081     SSL Port 6697 / 6698 / 8080

Not as colorful as a rainbow, but there's a chance you'll find a unicorn there.

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Mallard Server


mallard.irc.arloria.net     Port 6667     SSL Port 6697 / 8080

Named due to the FileTrekker's obsession with locomotives, and Sheep's obsession with ducks. Newest server as of 2016.

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The Mortuary

ArloriaNET has had a large list of server contributions in the past, they are listed here out of respect to their administrators.
Please report inaccuracies to Serio in #welcome


The original server that helped start ArloriaNET, back in 2007. As demand grew, the home-run server had to be upgraded
(2007-2008) [Owner: Sheep]


The first server to be connected to Fingal was Dakota. It was run by book, until it eventually got delinked due to a dispute with comcast.
(2007-2008) [Owner: book]


A brief linking that had to be discontinued due to the owner's other commitments.
(2007-2007) [Owner: t0m]


Ayane was the first and only Mini-ITX machine to ever be linked to ArloriaNET. It ran for a year until its owner had to leave.
(2007-2008) [Owner: Lulolwen]


Run as a series of related servers, these three were eventually relegated into the background before being disconnected entirely.
(2007-2010) [Owner: Cat]


Provided by Mikouen, the former server was abandoned due to issues with the host, and the latter due to funding issues.
(2008-2009) [Owner: Mikouen]


Deltic had a very brief stint on the network and was provided by FileTrekker, who ultimately had to disconnect it due to reliability issues.
(2008-2008) [Owner: FileTrekker]


Years after Freyja, Tonmatsu was set up in a well-intentioned attempt to bring another server to ArloriaNET. But as fate would have it, the host chosen was unreliable and the link had to be severed within just a few days. It holds the record for the shortest link in network history.
(2009-2009) [Owner: t0m]


The second server provided by FileTrekker, it eventually outgrew what it was being used for an had to be delinked.
(2010-2010) [Owner: FileTrekker]


The third server provided by FileTrekker, even more powerful than Deltic or Alycidon. It was the gateway server for all connections made through the Flash client.
(2010-????) [Owner: FileTrekker]


Run by Nathan to replace some dead leaves.
(????-????) [Owner: Nathan]


Named to serve unconditionally, but notorious for its involvement in netsplits, Lennier was eventually disconnected in favour of Sinclair.
(????-2015) [Owner: Sheep]


Fourth server by FileTrekker. Had a very long run, despite some DNS trouble. Eventually got delinked in favour of Mallard.
(????-2016) [Owner: FileTrekker]