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<Zephyr> Oh good, Captain Adventure has arrived.
<unic0rn> Zephyr: you've got shit for brains, you know that?
<Zephyr> not particularly, no
<unic0rn> Zephyr: you mean "yes, of course"?
<Zephyr> can i ask the audience?
<unic0rn> Zephyr: no, you can't
<unic0rn> fucking smartass

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[02:28] <RadActiveLobstr> Zephyr, kill yourself.
[02:28] * Zephyr stabs yourself.
[02:42] <unic0rn> lol
[03:36] <RadActiveLobstr> Zephyr, kill Zephyr
[03:36] * Zephyr farts on Zephyr
[03:36] <RadActiveLobstr> ...
[03:38] <Tharbakim> Professionalism at its finest.

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<DB> <Xycaleth> Zephyr the Smek
<Smek> DB: <Xycaleth> zephyr the. Fuck you, zephyr?
<Zephyr> Suck my balls you winkie-sewing bollock-cave.

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--> Humans ( has joined #welcome
<Humans> smek, you are still famous in the tribes community
<Smek> Humans: Believe me, it's for rosters that are still famous in the community.
<Humans> your name just got brought up
<FileTrekker> Smek's insanity is known far and wide.
<Smek> FileTrekker, <Ensiform> is anyone gonna play cs:s, and leaving the milly way after mass effect on insanity.
<unic0rn> Smek: leave mass effect alone
<Smek> unic0rn: Fileq to rise up and leave and stop drawing, not alone, without using any website that focuses on mods and mod related news?

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<Mikey> i cannot kick serio
<unic0rn> you can, on the other side
<Mikey> Discord kicks are way more srs
<Mikey> he'd get angry at me
<Mikey> and then i can't be the emo one anymore
<unic0rn> and that's something new how exactly?
<Mikey> i like being the emo one
<Zephyr> You know Mikey, being the emo is much like making love to a beautiful woman
<Zephyr> You've got to gather the washing machine
<Zephyr> alert the barbecue
<Zephyr> and finally tip the banana.
<unic0rn> :D
<Mikey> amazing

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<FileTrekker> The new and improved ArloriaNET, with 4000% more netsplit.
* Hugo has quit (
* Sheep has quit (
* Mikouen has quit (
* RadActiveLobstr has quit (
* eracet has quit (

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<@Serio> Zephyr, what am I?
<&Zephyr> Well you asked the "right" guy, i'm a whale biologist.
<@Serio> ....
<@Serio> EXCUSE ME

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<Serio> Faktrl get up get coffee
<Serio> Faktrl go to work
<Serio> Faktrl have boring meeting
<Serio> With boring maner Rob
<Anon3725> Rob say Faktrl not very elegant
<Anon3725> And his odour stink
<Anon3725> Faktrl look like a dying elephant
<Serio> I like how I started it properly and non-offensive.
<Serio> And in comes Dom with five fucking lines of insults XD
<Anon3725> Oh fuck that
<Anon3725> I aim to offend.
<Anon3725> It's why nobody lets me post.

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<+FileTrekker> Well, my clipboard just fucked me over.
<+FileTrekker> I tried to send Chribolski a link to Serio's map
<+FileTrekker> And this happened
<+FileTrekker> [19:46:15] Danny King: Rotherham is now taking the brunt of it
<+FileTrekker> [19:46:22] Danny King: According to the news
<+FileTrekker> [19:46:55] Danny King: How long should you wait before having sex with your new man?
<@Serio> ...
<@Serio> LOL
<&Mikey> WHAT HE SAY
<+FileTrekker> "I didn't know you felt that way about Mikey, Danny."

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<Zephyr> We're having some nice weather at the anus
<Zephyr> Mikey would be ok for a drunken 1 nite stand

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<~FileTrekker> It's hard to hate Ziff Davis to be fair when Defy Media were 1000x worse in the end.
<@book> that's like saying it's hard to hate the seleucids because once the ptolemies conquered them it wasn't so bad being enslaved
<@book> in this example we're Israel in the early 0th centrury
<@book> also the meme is ZiffDavis
<~FileTrekker> Book wading in here with a simile only 3 history professors and a cleric in Rome understood.

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<@book> wait we have a discord?
<@Serio> Yes, book
<@book> why didn't anyone tell me?
<@Serio> We did.
<@Serio> You didn't care to listen.
<@book> NO ONE DID
<@Serio> YES WE DID

--- Elsewhere ---

<Serio> Did we?
<@RadActiveLobstr> lets assume we did
<Serio> Fine by me.

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<Serio> Where did you get the Hero Image, anyway?
* Quits: GameTrekker ( (Quit: Leaving)
<Serio> ... I see.

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<@Sheep> Okay, new rule
<@Sheep> If an iPhone's home button doesn't do anything, it's not the home button.
<@Sheep> Something like that
<@Sheep> Well it's just that it doesn't seem to do anything at all
<@Sheep> I might be too stupid to use an iPhone.
<@Serio> What does the Not-Home button do, anyway?
<@Sheep> I haven't figured that out yet.
<@Sheep> Fails to authenticate via touch ID is the only use I've figured out so far.
<@Sheep> I literally sat there with my finger over it for ten seconds and it didn't do anything
<@Sheep> So it's not the home button
<@Sheep> Not sure what it is
<+Xycaleth> do you hvae finger prints?
<+Xycaleth> :p
<@Sheep> I'm a koala
<@Serio> Try pressing it down.
<@Sheep> It's not a button
<@Serio> wot
<+Xycaleth> ...yes it is
<@Serio> It is a button.
<@Sheep> ...
<@Sheep> It is a button.
<@Sheep> Shut up.
<@Serio> rofl
* Quits: @Sheep ( (Quit: )

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[04:38:38] <@Serio> FileQ: No Man's Sky
[04:38:58] <+FileQ> Serio: Yes. Filetrekker is a fine figure of a hard-on for england and in man's soul spiritually. To christ, as to an internal power source of scp-003 drops below the water in the sky.
[04:39:25] * Quits: ~FileTrekker ( (Quit: Leaving)
[04:39:33] <@Serio> I'd get the fuck out too.

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<@book> hi
<&Zephyr> what's up book
<@book> I'm putting Zephyr on ignore
<+GameTrekker> what's up book
<@RadActiveLobstr> what's up book
<@Serio> what's up book
<+FileQ> what's up book

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[19:11] <RadActiveLobstr> so this guy tells me the sure fire way to get rid of bad smells is with lemon juice, baking soda and seltzer water
[19:12] <RadActiveLobstr> so he goes on explaining the process of mixing this all together to make this liquid that you spray all around
[19:12] <Zephyr> You know radactivelobstr, explaining the process is much like making love to a beautiful woman
[19:12] <Zephyr> You've got to amuse the fictional
[19:12] <Zephyr> dress the beach
[19:12] <Zephyr> and finally introduce the ashtray.
[19:12] <RadActiveLobstr> Thanks Zephyr, but I got this

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<%Mikouen> But aye. Story goes three brothers got their heads destined for a block for being Protestant, but because they had popular support, eventually they were just exiled to Yorkshire instead.
<%book> I mean
<%book> which is worse really
<%Mikouen> What, getting your head chopped off or being sent to Yorkshire?
<%Mikouen> ....ick. I'm not wise enough to answer that question. Go ask Plato.

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<~Mikey> love is baby don't hurt me
<~Mikey> Zephyr, what is love?
<&Zephyr> Baby don't hurt mikey i guess.
<~Mikey> ...
<~Mikey> fucks sake

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<%darkclone> Absolute facepalm moment. Thought I'd have to wait for an hour for my GoT torrent, turned out I was limiting it to 100kb/s
<%darkclone> Set the limit to infinite, speed went to 3.4mb/s
<@Sheep> Daww
<@Sheep> Only 3.4mb/s
<@Sheep> So I just finished watching that
<@Sheep> Okay so here's what happened darkclone
<%darkclone> It just finished it about 10 seconds.
* Quits: %darkclone ( (Quit: Leaving)
<@Sheep> rofl
<@Serio> Talk about avoiding spoilers.
<@Sheep> So speaking of
<@Sheep> That scene with the guy and the girl and stuff
<+Mikey> fuck you fuck you fuck you
* Quits: +Mikey ( (Quit: Leaving)
<@RadActiveLobstr> Game of Thrones last night was amazing! When Ned Stark came back as a zombie and ate Jon Snows face
<@Serio> Sheep: The... Promise?
<@Sheep> I dunno, I haven't actually watched it yet