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#jacoders 16 JACoders # jkcommunity discord # repo # builds

#welcome 16 ArloriaNet - now without Serio | <Smek> unic0rn: Thank you very much cherish my kidneys. | <Smek> RadActiveLobstr: Shrek is basically trump's wet dream. | <@Sheep> Hitler made me chancellor and didn't let me veto. I was the only person who voted no to my election |

#filesnation 15 FilesNation | FilesNation Forum - | FilesNation Discord Server - | Relevant : | "We are Blorg. You will be befriended. Your biological and technological friendliness will be added to our own. Resistance is impolite."

#help 7 [Not a game support channel!] Welcome to The ArloriaNET #help channel || Please ask your chat-related question here || Be patient, staff are not online 24/7 [Our main off-topic channel is #welcome] | Lennier is probably down, especially when it isn't.

#coders 6 <Chainsaw> The memory allocation strategy of Java can be described in 3 words. <Chainsaw> Nom nom nom. | <Sheep> with faggotry(use python);

#php 6 Welcome to #PHP | Did you know there's php-gtk2? | The manual at is great! | PHP pastebin improvements wanted. | PHP lesson probably not as scheduled as we thought it was

#ufvcsa 4 UFVCSA: UFV'S Computing Student Association's official IRC channel. - http://

#tiramisu 4 tiramisu [Steins;Gate Edition] | |

#test 3 No topic set

#church_of_smek 3 No topic set

#fingal 2 Home of the beloved Fingal <333 | I miss my kitty too much.

#thelibrary 2 No topic set

#tcl 2 Yuki & Taiga

#fluffies 2 Fluffy!

#jasio 2 No topic set

#fileq 1 No topic set

#valkyrie 1 No topic set

#unix 1 No topic set

#ircrpg 1 No topic set

#fusiontcl 1 No topic set